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Creative Garden Decoration
Decorate your garden with ravens, owls, cocks, eagles, chicken etc. Click here. Since September 26th 2000 we have two new objects.

Banisters and Balconies
We also produce individually according to your imaginations. Click here to see a few examples.

Wrought-iron Lights
Handworked outside-radiance - dekotative details on the day, fascinating light-gazes in the dark. Powerful material-strengths, energetic, alive ornamentations and the " handwriting " of the smith participate the prominent characteristics the radiance-assortment.
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  • balustrades for stairs and balconies
  • garden fences
  • gates
  • window grilles
  • tomb crosses
  • elegant indoor and outdoor lamps
  • chairs and tables
  • decoration for house and garden
  • advertising signboards
  • custom-made products

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